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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: magazines galore!

I got 3 magazines in my mailbox today: Pink, that trusty good ol' All You, and Family Fun.  With the exception of All You, I have no idea where/how I got the other two free subscriptions.  If I have some time today I will do a bit of research, but my guess is that I got them through Rewards Gold.  The All You is only free because it's my first of two free issues when I signed up for the subscription. 

I love All You, but I'm not sure I want to get a subscription with them.  They advertised a "Try it free" offer with 2 trial subscriptions, and supposedly I can just cancel after I received the trial issues if I don't like it.  Well, I've already received two bills before I even received my first trial issue.  How exactly is it a "try me free" if they're pressuring me to pay before I even got a single issue?  I love All You, but I'm not sure I love the subscription company that they work with.

Today was also a small payday, since I got my $2.88 check from the Duncan Hines carrot mix I got at Walmart about a week ago.  It was a small money-maker since I had a $1/1 printable to go along with it. 

And last, but not least, I got another gift pack from Kotex - this time compliments of Walgreens. Kotex is really spreading out the love, because you can request them from 4 different places (check out Heather's Kotex sample roundup for all the details). 

To add onto those four free samples that you can get, here are a few more:
I think my freebies are giving me a hint to lose weight.  Not that I really need to, considering I pretty much walked out of the hospital at my pre-pregnancy weight, but I still have a nice little loose flap of skin that is just annoying.  Not that it's too much of an issue considering I'm not going to be climbing into a bathing suit in these winter months.  But nonetheless, my freebies  are out to get me giving me a hint to start toning up...!

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