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Friday, September 26, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: The Late Night Edition

I've had a busy day today and the baby is zonked out from her meds, so today it'll be a rare (and short) late night edition of Mailbox of Goodies! 

Today I received:
  • StaphAseptic sample with $2/1 coupon.  That was fast!
  • My "stolen" oatmeal dark chocolate cookie from Kashi.  I wasn't too huge of a fan of the oatmeal in it, but it was yummy enough!
  • A $1/1 Luvs coupon postcard.  Make sure you join their mailing list if you haven't already.
  • My Precious Girls' Club book prize from Three Ladies & a Dad...thanks!
Here are some new freebies to request, and just because this is a special late night edition, I'm throwing in some rebates as well!

1 comment:

Jackie B. said...

Thanks for sharing the Zout rebate. I am very interested in trying this product. I have already printed out the form and will probably go buy it sometime this weekend!Can't wait to get it mailed out.

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