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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mailbox of All You Goodies

It's not like I really need another reason to love All You more than I already do, but it looks like that they're working overtime in order to secure the "Most Beloved Magazine" spot in my heart. Last week I received an email from All You Reality Checkers with an invitation to try out some mascara. The email stated that the offer was only the first 2000 responders were eligible, and although I was sure that I missed it I decided to fill out the form anyway.

It's a good thing that I did, because I received a tube of Rimmel Sexy Curves full volume & curve mascara today. Free mascara delivered right to my door is right up there with free chocolate...because my 4-month old baby has more volume and curve in her lashes than I do. I have no eyelashes to speak of. According to the email, when I fill out the survey next week my quote could appear in an upcoming issue of All You...! My 5 minutes of fame!

The other two goodies that I received aren't so bad either. I got my scent card and $1/1 coupon for Gain from Walmart. And boy, does it smell good or does it smell good! It smells more like perfume than detergent! I'm going to hard-pressed not to pick up a box. The last freebie that I got today was a coupon from Iams for a FREE 3.5lb bag of Iams Dog Premium Protection, or $7 off any bag 6lb or larger. I'm going to add this to my Walmart shopping list for tomorrow.

What I really loved about this freebie (apart from free dog food!) is the fact that they actually told me where I could buy it. They had an insert printed with my 3 closest stores that carried the product. More companies should really do this, because it's SO frustrating to be walking around with your free product coupon only to find out that no one carries it. And I really don't have time to be going into every single store looking for one product. Free stuff is great, but not that great.

Here are some new freebies that you can request to beef up your own Mailbox of Goodies:
Don't forget to check the "Incoming Freebies" list to the right. It's updated at least once a day with new goodies for your mailbox!

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