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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm not having a good day...

This is what was waiting for after I got out of the shower.  The diaper was less than 2 hours old...!  So afterwards, I got the delightful task of doing an emergency load of laundry so it can contribute to the world record in process:

It's days like this that I miss being amongst friends and family and I can just pick up the phone and call in some sympathetic relative to either help me fold or entertain the baby so I can fold.  Preferably help me fold.  Or rather, fold for me.  But alas, the most help that I can expect to receive is from my deranged shoe-polishing-shirt-ironing-obsessed husband.  Things do not look good for me. 

Maybe I can train one of the dogs to do it...


Rhonda Parker said...

Oh, you poor thing. I truly believe your shoe-polishing-shirt-ironing-obsessed husband should fold the laundry... if he has to iron his clothes that way, he should be concerned about the way the laundry is put away as well. :)

Keep up the great blog, and may you find someone to help with the laundry. I'm that way with matching the socks after they come out of the laundry - it's ridiculous, but it takes forever and I HATE it. :)

Now, if you could come help me declutter I'd gladly fold your laundry.

Ginger said...

You need to defer Coke money for the purchase of a baby swing. It was how I got everything done all those years ago.

Good luck! Hang in!

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