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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

His shoes = My Mirror

What's That Smell? is giving a YEAR'S SUPPLY for Shine-to-Go Polisher, and a mode of entry was to post a picture of the shoes to be polished.  Well, I sort of took that idea and ran with it.

These are my husband's two pairs of shoes for work. His boots are with him at work, so I'll get a picture of those later. But I'm telling were not made to be that shiny. And no, they're not those silly made-to-be-shiny forever shoes made out of that funky plastic-y material.  They're actual leather shoes. It's ridiculous the amount of time the man spends shining his shoes, and equally ridiculous how he does it. Apparently a trick he picked up from a barrack-living-single buddy recently is to light the wax on fire and then drip it on your shoes. Well, it might work for his barrack-living-single buddy, but it doesn't work for his married-self because boots do not belong on my kitchen counter, nor does wax does not belong over the stove, and melted wax has no business being dripped onto boots and missing and hitting my counter and my floor. So if you have any shred of mercy or compassion in you, you will pray to whatever Powers that you believe in that I will win that year supply of Shine-to-Go Polisher. I must. My sanity depends on it.

I was proofreading the above paragraph, and my mind jumped to the next thing that my husband does religiously and with a true obsession that requires medical intervention.  That being ironing his #?!@* shirts and pants.  He spends hours doing this, and these shirts are so well ironed that I can throw them in the laundry on the "heavy" cycle and they come out of the dryer fully creased.  He's ironed the creases permanently into the shirt.  I'm pretty sure that if it was possible to get a paper cut from a shirt, you would get one from his shirts.  I know they're all about primp and proper stuff over at that military place thing he works at, but I'm pretty sure if your shirt is so creased it can survive multiple laundries with the creases intact, you really shouldn't iron it for hours on end each week. 

He denies it, but I seriously think that he enjoys shining shoes and ironing. 

I know there are military wives out there reading this, so help a newbie out and come out of your lurking and leave a comment.  Is my husband just weird?  Should I seek immediate psychiatric help?  Or are they are all like this...?  Are they all brainwashed into thinking that shining shoes and ironing shirts is an acceptable pass time in society?

Save my sanity, please.

1 comment:

Anissa said...

Well... since the army has come out with the new BDU's and my husband has the "silly made-to-be-shiny forever shoes made out of that funky plastic-y material" (lol) he doesn't spend nearly as much time as he USED to ironing and shining. I think your husband may be a TAD bit obsessive, but just be thankful he does it himeself! haha

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