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Monday, September 15, 2008

Commissary trip: savings? What savings?

We went to the commissary on Sunday, and I am seriously rethinking my strategy of going to the commissary on the weekends. I originally decided on this so that my husband can help me by keeping the baby entertained and I can concentrate on the shopping. However, it is SO crowded and chaotic on the weekends that I can't walk out of there without a big headache. We're also cutting it close by shopping on the weekends since the menu is for Sunday thru Saturday. If something comes up and we can't make it to the store, we're left with literally no food until Tuesday when they open again. This week, I think I'll go to the commissary on Thursday. I'll rather entertain the baby and shop at the same time than risk being run over by carts every 30 seconds.

We spent $35.42 at the commissary this week, which is $14.58 under our budget of $50/week. Normally I'm boasting about huge savings, but this week my savings totaled a humbling $1.75. I had just pulled up the shopping list and menu plan on Friday night after my migraine hit, so I wasn't too on-board with matching up sales and coupons. That, and I really didn't want to deal with my old system. This week was a testament to the fact that menu planning goes a long ways in saving money since we were able to stay well under budget with next to no couponing to speak of. I actually spent $7.95 to stock-pile some tomato sauce ($0.25) and rice-a-roni ($0.60) that were on sale, so technically we only spent $27.47 on ingredients for this week's meals.

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Anonymous said...

I avoid shopping on weekends at all costs. I love the commissary though. Even when I don't have any coupons I know I save a lot. Any time I go to a regular store my heart starts pounding just looking at the prices. lol

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