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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This week's errand-trip ($95.48 for $10.15 OOP)

Tuesday is my errand-running day, and today it was a bit shorter than normal since I already went to the commissary on Saturday. So here are all the places I went to today in a span of 6 hours along with how much I spent there:
Dollar Tree
I had to exchange a desktop calculator that I bought that was malfunctioning, and I decided to take a peak around as well. I ended up getting another matching coke glass for our set (they're really neat, they have Coke advertisements from a certain decade...we've got 5 decades so far). I also bought a planner that is PERFECT for our menu plans - it has 3 columns, enough for me to write out our lunch, dinner, and dessert. I found 2 soft-cover 4 x 6 photo albums to replace my current hard-cover coupon album, so it should lighten up my load considerably. I also needed to pick up some carabiner clips for the home-made dog tie outs. And last but not least was a pack of nice printer paper for letters/announcements to family.

Home Depot
I had a $50 giftcard from making a call to customer service regarding our recent washer/dryer purchase, and decided to use it today to buy 20ft of chain to use as tie-outs for our dogs. The chain was $7.00, and I'm using crabiner clips from the Dollar Tree to attach the chains to the dogs and to the stake. For $8 I have two 10ft long tie-outs...can't beat that price!!! I also bought some S-hooks to hang baskets off the stairs so they can further minimize my trips and save me some horrendous knee pain.

Covergirl makeup for 90 cents each!!! Woohoo! They are having a buy 1 get 1 free sale on certain covergirl cosmetics, and I had a B1G1 free coupon too, allowing me to walk away with $16.48 worth of makeup for $1.80.

I stopped by to pick up these freebates items. Normally I'm not one for doing rebates, even if they become free afterwards, because it's just too much OOP. However, everything at Walgreens were things that I needed, so I was willing to fork up the $21.57. I already filed my rebate online, but chose to have them send me a check instead of putting it on a gift card with a 10% bonus. My product total was $19.75, so the 10% would only have been $1.97. And as I mentioned, I don't do freebates much, so I would rather deposit a check than be dedicated to spending more money at Walgreens.

Today was a wonderful day for me. Everything worked out great, and I got really sweet deals. My merchandise total for the day is $95.48, and I paid $31.72 OOP before rebates for it all. $10.15 after I receive my rebates. $10.15 for 3 packs of diapers, a bagload of stuff for the USO, dog tie-outs, makeup and a bunch of hair products is certainly not a bad run at all. Be sure to check out my post on my CVS visit and USO donation.

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