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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Commissary Savings of $12.20!!!

The commissary run of 30 minutes yesterday has GOT to be the shortest in the history of our family. And with a savings of $12.20, we certainly didn't just grab the first thing we saw. No household supplies this week, and actual food we needed weren't much since we had a lot of ingredients for our menu next week. Mainly I needed to buy ingredients for the ice cream s'mores I'm making.

And since it was a Saturday, they were handing out Maxi Savers and P&G Brand coupon booklets. I also managed to pick up copies that others have discarded on the shelves. I used to be the same about the Maxi Savers - after I got what I wanted, I would discard them because I thought they were all military store coupons only. Well, since I've started looking at them more closely, I've noticed that a fair amount are actually manufacturer's coupons. So my advice for anyone who shops at a commissary is to grab all the coupons you see!!! You might end up not using them all at the commissary, but they could help you work out a steal elsewhere.

Again, I took advantage of the $3.12 overage for the Glucerna bars. I tried to do the same with the Kotex coupon, but they wouldn't take it - said the binder paper I printed it on makes it invalid. They didn't have a problem with this last week, or any week beforehand. Oh well, not a big loss...I'll just get it elsewhere. The other coupons I used were:
  • $1/2 Post cereal (Coco Pebbles were on sale for $1.79 each)
  • $0.50/1 Hellman's Mayonnaise (also on sale for $2.69)
  • $0.70/1 Oreo cookies coupon (on sale for $1.79)
  • $10/2 Glucerna bars
Total coupon savings: $12.20 (or 34%)

We are right on track for our commissary budget. There is still 2 weeks left in August, but we have $90.85 left, and since I'm all stocked up again since the move, we should be able to make $45 go a long way for the next two shopping trips. We might even some money left over this month! Then it can go towards covering our Denny's trip last night....

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