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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: Weekend edition!

I love the weekends, especially when it brings free stuff! Today I received my Pampers Potty Training Kit complete with coupons, stickers, samples, and a Dora trophy. No, I'm not potty-training my 4 month old - I just really wanted to see what the sample was. I'll be giving this to either one of the neighbors with older kids or donating to a local church. In other baby-freebie news, I also received my free copy of BabyTalk today.

The draft book that I ordered last week came in the mail today, and I am -very- pleased with it! It's basically a book with lines and spaces for your child to draw pictures and write about them. It's a great sample for any of you with little kids. I will also be giving this to a neighbor, but I'm keeping the order form for when my own little princess gets to that learning to hold a pencil stage. All of their books sell for only $1, and it's at a much higher quality than anything that I could possibly get from the dollar store.

I also received my Tide with Dawn StainScrubbers sample today. I love laundry samples, because I can give them to my husband to keep at work for any emergency laundry that he needs to do there.

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