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Friday, August 15, 2008

Late night CVS trip (Children's advil, limit of 2!)

Last night I decided to make a late night run out to CVS to compensate for the fact that I will not be making a trip next week due to lack of good deals. Okay, maybe not late was a 8pm. I just don't have the coupons to make the sweet deals work next week, so I went back for some Hersey's Bliss chocolates, and did a second transaction for charity.

My first transaction is part of the buy $10 of candy get $5 ECB. I decided to go for the Hersey's Bliss chocolates, because these are indeed bliss. As far as this family is concerned, it's nirvana in edible form.
Buy 3 Hersey's Bliss Chocolates ($4.29 each): $12.87
Use 1 $2/$10 CVS coupon (-$2.00)
Use 3 $1/1 Hersey's coupon: ($3.00)
Grand Total: $7.87 (used a $3 and $4.99 ECB adjusted down, paid $0.05 OOP)
ECBs returned: $5
Total adjusted price per pack of chocolates: $0.95

I know I know, it's not the best deal you can do. There are $1.50/1 Hersey's coupons floating out there somewhere, and if you had three of those you could get your chocolates for $0.45 each instead.

The second transaction I decided to use my free Listerine coupon and take a small risk to see if the August monthly Children's Advil is really a limit of 2 instead of 1 as advertised. I bought one back in the beginning of August, but I noticed on my receipt that it still said "Quantity Needed to Earn Reward: 1". So I printed off another $1/1 Advil coupon and decided to try it out. Here's that transaction for charity:

Buy 1 Children's Advil: $5.79
Buy 1 Listerine Advanced 500ml: $5.39
Subtotal: $11.18
Use $2/$10 CVS coupon (-$2.00)
Use $1/1 Children's Advil coupon (-$1.00)
Use FREE Listerine coupon (-$5.39) - I got this coupon from for sending back a UPC of another product that was recalled. They sent me a check and a coupon.
Grand Total: $2.79 + $0.37 tax = $3.16 (ECBs returned: $5.79 from Children's Advil)

I paid OOP for this because at this point the only ECBs I have are all in $5 increments. Either way though, I made $2.63 off this transaction.

I don't know if the USO will have any use for Children's Advil, but they will definately take the mouthwash. I tried talking my husband into letting me throw in a bag or two of chocolates as well, but then he said that if I tried to give them away, he'll go right back to the USO that very evening and take them to keep at work. -.- You can't win them all.

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