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Friday, August 8, 2008


As I sat here relaxing and catching up on some blog reading while my dear husband finishes cooking dinner, I heard some peculiar noises behind my chair. I turn around, and this is what I find:

The little rat-terrier/sheltie on the floor is Ball Chip, and the rotti/boxer trying to snatch the ball out of his mouth is Chloe. These are my two crazy dogs, collectively known as Chiploe (pronounced Chip-lu-e). Chip's entire existence is centered around tennis balls...he sleeps with it in his mouth, and constantly tries to fit two balls at once into that tiny mouth of his.

Chloe, on the other hand, is far too sophisticated and high class for such common items such as a tennis ball. However, she will make an exception and take it away from Chip just to drop it off in a corner. I think she's trying to upgrade her brother and persuade him to see the error of his shameful and disgracing ball-playing ways. Or it could be just that no toy is more captivating than the one currently being played with by someone else.

Now mind you, I do not abuse and deprive my dogs of toys. No no no...these dogs are loved as much as the baby. They even have their own room in the house. So while they are fighting over this one tennis ball, please overlook the fact that they have the following upstairs in their room:

Yes, that is a ball pit. And yes, it is the sole property of Chiploe. And they are downstairs behind my chair fighting over one tennis ball.

Those are my crazy mutts for you....

This was just too funny of a scene to not capture and share.

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