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Friday, August 8, 2008

...brought to you by the Book Monster

From now on, I have no other name. I shall be known as the Cookie Book Monster. Yesterday I told you about PaperBack Swap and how I received my first book, "The Samurai's Wife" by Laura Joh Rowland. It's not a tiny book - it's not huge either, just your decent size paperback of 352 pages. Well, mail came at around 3pm, but I didn't get started reading it until 7pm or so after dinner. Took an hour break at around 10pm to put the baby to bed, but by 1am the book was finished. Done. Fin. Over. I even read the preview for the next book, "The Black Lotus", which I really shouldn't have because I seriously wanted to drive around town until I found a 24 hour store that carried the book.

I devoured that book...actually I think if I physically ate it it would have taken me longer than to read it. I've always been a fast reader from childhood, but I guess I just keep getting faster and faster. Which could tend to be a problem, because I am quickly running out of books. I only sent out my 9 books to PaperBack Swap this past week, so it's going to be a while until my credits get assigned to my account.

And this is where Coupon Cravings steps up to the rescue! Thanks to the $5 off coupon code (BR41925 - good until midnight!) posted, I was able to "buy" the next book for pick-up at my store in a few days. The book was $6.99, minus $5.00 from the coupon code, and I had an OLD (3+ years) giftcard with $3.66 left on it. My grand total was $2.11 including tax, which I paid for with my giftcard.

And since my giftcard only had $1.55 left on it, I decided to buy the next book in the series, "The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria", using the discount code again. I had to use the hubby's computer, but if I left the $1.55 on the giftcard, I would either never use it, or be forced to pay a large sum OOP if I walked into the store to pick a book. Final result: $0.56 for 2 books. Beats even the postage for PaperBack Swap!

Thank you Coupon Cravings for saving the Book Monster!!

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