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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Incoming Freebies

I am all about freebies - who isn't? Free stuff that comes right to your doorstep with little effort on your part. But as awesome as freebies are, we have to be careful about where we send our information. Read my recent post on Freebie Safety here. Another way to be careful is only request the freebies which you have a high chance of getting (read: from reputable sources).

And here's how I hope to help you out. On the left, under the "subscribe" button, you will see a list of "Incoming Freebies". These are freebies that I myself have requested, but have not received yet. When I do receive them, I will post about them and tag them with the category "freebies".

In short, to see freebies that I myself have received, click on the "Freebies" category on the right. To see freebies that I have requested but not yet received, check under "Incoming Freebies".

Hope that helps!

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