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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Inbox Dollars Update: $3.12 to go!

Last Wednesday, I signed up for Inbox Dollars with the goal of seeing how quickly I could reach my $30 payout amount. Since this weekend has been so crazy with furniture purchases and visiting in-laws, I have not been able to do much except for reading their emails. I would say that I spent maybe 4 hours total this past week on Inbox Dollars, including sign-ups.

I mentioned last week that I took a small risk and signed up for a 9 day trial of Triple Advantage Credit Report. It was a cash offer of $10, so I decided it was worth the risk. Well, I called to cancel on Monday, well ahead of my 9 days, and it was a very short and simple call. I've probably spent around 15 minutes dealing with Triple Advantage - that's including the sign-up, getting a free credit report, and canceling my membership. $10 in 15 minutes is something I can definately live with.

So far, I have earned $26.88. Click here and here for a breakdown of my earnings.

As you can see, the majority of my earnings comes from participating in cash offers. Only two of these offers required a credit card and further action on my part to cancel my trial. The Triple Advantage paid $10, and the trial paid $5. The trial also came with $5 in free postage that I've been using to send books for PaperBack Swap and freebates. All the other cash offers are no-risk sign-ups, but they do not pay as well as the free trials.

Mailings only pay 2 cents each, and although they take up less than a minute of your time, it's just about impossible to get a check from solely reading emails. Surveys take quite a big chunk of your time, but they only pay 50 cents. It's also quite hard to qualify for one, in my opinion. I only do surveys when I am nursing my daughter, since I really can't do much else with one hand and a pig baby in my lap.

Now that things have somewhat settled down, I plan on doing a couple more offers and hopefully I will be able to request a $30 check by the end of the week!


Clair said...

Hey! Their website hasn't been working for me recenetly, you having troubles? Clair

seesawstar said...

Nope...their website has been working fine for me. Whenever I've had problems, it's been with my entire internet connection, so I'm pretty sure that in my case it was not just them.

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