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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Declutter challenge day 10: Master bedroom DONE!!!

OUR BEDROOM IS DONE!!! It only took 8 hours. We weren't able to get to the scrapbooking things, and we needed their reserved spot in the entryway for other things, so I'm going to have to do that by myself sometime during the week. They are now going to go into the baby's room, unless we get a really nice desk with lots of storage room. So, now...time to reveal my declutter victory of the day:

Big difference, isn't it? I picked up a free table with magazine rack and lamp from freecycle, so now I have a proper bedtime-reading station. I need to go look for a lamp shade, but I'll take my time and check out the thrift stores for that.

What took up a LOT of time was my vanity and trying to declutter all of my makeup, jewelry, and lotions. Believe it or not, I actually downsized. Before we moved, I had another small cabinet that I hung on the wall to accommodate everything. By downsizing and just using different containers, I managed to not have to use that cabinet since it really destroys the decor of the room. Here's a couple of closeups:

By putting my hair clips on the pole lamp, hanging my necklaces on the wall, and putting my earrings in these hang-able earring holders from the dollar store, I saved myself a LOT of room. I also freed up a dresser in my lingerie dresser for lotions and other things that were previously in that hanging cabinet. It certainly makes for a lot less clutter in the room.

We also got rid of ALL of the boxes that were lining the wall:


Yup...BOTH walls of monster boxes are gone forever. What is left is a dog bed and two very happy dogs. Mostly everything in the boxes were bed linens and towels from the walk-in closet we had in the old house, so we've had to be creative on how to store them here. One thing we did was to get rid of the old hand-me-down bed from my father-in-law that's too low for under-the-bed storage bins. It had a brass headboard and footboard, so it also made our room look very crowded. I spent $49.99 on a new bed frame from Sears, and the result is plenty of storage room and a clean crisp look.

We weren't able to get everything done today, so here is my plan for the next couple of days:
  • Day 11: Downstairs guest bathroom
  • Day 12: Upstairs freebie dumping ground supply closet
  • Day 13: Living room Curio display cabinet
We've also decided that next weekend, we're going to go to Ikea Friday night after hubby gets home from work, so we will have all weekend to assemble our furniture and tackle the living room. By next week we should have our settlement stuff, so we can also throw away the broken things.

My house is starting to look like home again!'s only been a month!

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Diane said...

Wow you did a lot of work ! It looks awesome !!!!!!!!!

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