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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mommy Survey

Just for fun, I gathered some questions and made this 50-question Mommy Survey...for everything you ever wanted to know about my mommy experience, and then some!
  1. How long have you been a Mom? 6 months (on November 2nd) - time sure flies!
  2. How old were you when you became a Mom? 21
  3. How many children call you Mommy? 1
  4. Girl? Boy? or both? Girl
  5. Was your pregnancy planned? We weren't trying, but we wouldn't be mind if I ended up pregnant, and guess what? I did =)
  6. How did you find out you were pregnant? I had constant belly aches for weeks, and hubby made me take a test at 6am in the morning.
  7. What were your reactions? "Are you sure? Really? Oh. Great. Okay, is that a good enough reason to lemme alone and let me go back to sleep?”
  8. Who did you tell first? My husband, who read the test while I climbed back into bed. Then he proceeded to call everyone he ever knew in his life.
  9. Did you know what you were having? Nope - hubby refused to let me find out. Everyone was saying "boy!" to the point where I got a "It's a Boy!" bear at the shower, but in my heart I knew we would have a little girl. And guess what? Mommy's always right!
  10. Were you married at the time? Yup. Had been for about 6 months.
  11. Was abortion an option for you? Nope.
  12. Did you have morning sickness? Morning, afternoon, night...had them all, and then some.
  13. What did you crave? Tomato juice and Taco Bell. And I don't even LIKE Taco Bell. And brownies. But I crave brownies all the time anyway.
  14. Who/what irritated you the most? Me. I hated being so useless and weak and having to throw up every 3 hours.
  15. Favorite place to buy maternity clothes? I never got big enough for maternity clothes. I'm so petite that normally I fit into XS, so when I was pregnant I just went for M or L.
  16. Did you have a baby shower? My mother-in-law threw one for me.
  17. Was it a surprise or did you know? We had to fly across the country to go to it (since all of our family lived there), so between all the plane tickets and was so totally NOT a surprise.
  18. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? I had hypertension the week before I delivered, and really REALLY bad morning sickness (they had some technical term for it, but it was bad to the point where the doctors gave me nausea medicine that they normally reserved for chemo patients).
  19. How did you know when it was time to go to hospital? When my water broke and I couldn't stand the pain anymore.
  20. Who drove you to the hospital? Hubby…who wasn’t going fast enough at all. It was midnight, so he had NO excuse to go that slow! (In his defense, I’m sure it was a decent and probably rather quick speed, but to a pregnant woman who really wants some drugs nothing moves fast enough)
  21. How long were you in labor? Around 7 hours, with the last 4 in the hospital
  22. Was it natural or C-section? Natural.
  23. Did you take medicine to ease the pain? My plan was not to, but eventually I gave out and got narcotics
  24. Time of birth? 4:43 AM
  25. Who was in the room when baby was born? Daddy, 2 nurses, and a doctor that I met just once before. Don't you just LOVE military health-care? Oh, and the doctor that patched me up afterwards was a completely different doctor, and I'd only seen him once before too.
  26. Weight? 6lbs 12 oz
  27. Length? 20 inches
  28. Any hair? LOTS! At 6 months old she has hair that goes past her ears and “bangs” that cover her eyes!
  29. How much weight did you gain during pregnancy? 40lbs…all of which I left in the hospital. I guess it had something to do with hemorrhaging afterwards.
  30. Was baby early or late? Early by 3 days.
  31. Who drove you home from hospital? Daddy
  32. Did you go home or somewhere else when you left the hospital? I left before baby did, so we went home so I could greet the puppies and get some decent clothes on, then we went straight back to the hospital (after a stop at Sonic's)
  33. Anyone spend the night with you first night home? Yup - my wonderful husband and our two great dogs. Granted, hubby left 4 days after she was born and didn't come back until she was 2 months old, but that's another story...
  34. Do you wish you had the opposite sex of what you got? Nope. I wouldn't mind if I never have a boy...hubby would though, but I won't.
  35. What's your favorite thing about being a Mom? Having a little cutie pie to snuggle.
  36. What's your least favorite thing? There's no "off" switch on the baby! And I didn't get my instruction manual either! And what do you mean that baby translation dictionary that I ordered 6 months ago is on back order?!
  37. Do you plan on having more soon? Well, we're not even going to think about it until the princess walks and hubby's done with sea duty.
  38. How many times have you been pee'd on? Twice. Sorta. The potty pad got pee'd on when I changed her.
  39. Barfed on? Surprisingly, not too much. Daddy gets the worst of it. But then again, he tosses her all the time.
  40. How did you come up with the name? We were both extremely picky, so we just started throwing out random names until we arrived on one that we both agreed on. There wasn’t a long list of names we both liked =P.
  41. Is your child named after anyone? Nope. But her middle name (by sheer coincidence) was also my aunt's name.
  42. What is the longest you have been away from your child? 8 hours when hubby sent me to the spa for our anniversary
  43. Bedtime routine? The Yogi Bear routine - eat and sleep!
  44. Last movie you saw in the theater? A theater? What's THAT?!
  45. One thing you will not give up just because you're a mom? Working/owning dogs. I can't stand people who replace their pets with babies. "We need to give Buddy away because we just had a new baby and don't have time for him anymore" - well...what are you going to do when you have another baby? Give the first one away?
  46. One thing you did give up now that you're a mom: Going out by myself, alcohol, random painkillers/cold meds at the first sniffle, nail polish (since baby prefers my finger to a paci)
  47. Best Mom perk: Baby smiles and giggles.
  48. When the kid is napping, you are: blogging!
  49. When did baby start sleeping through the night? Uh...a month? We lucked out - she just kind of put herself on a schedule and we just let her be.
  50. What’s your favorite activity with baby? There’s so many – but I like signing with her or playing with her at Gymboree. I love to watch her with Daddy though - she’s so attached to him that it’s just so cute and I love watching them together.

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