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Friday, February 13, 2009


We're finally here. Somehow, we managed to pack up the house. It was hard though. We went 48 hours without sleep and was quite literally moving stuff at 3am in negative degree weather. But it got done, and at this point that's all that matters.

Remarkably, we survive the 2100+ mile trip without too much incident. The little princess didn't even cry that much. Back in July when we drove from SC to IL, she screamed pretty much the entire way and had lost her voice by the time we got there. This time around, she didn't really cry too much. I'm thinking that it was a good idea of putting Chloe and Chip beside her instead of behind her.

Anyway, we are here, but we're busier than ever. We were supposed to close on the house by Tuesday, but through no fault of our own it's now been delayed to NEXT Tuesday. The sellers keep pushing back the close date, and it's driving me crazy. We got our first glimpse of the house a few days ago, and it is everything I dreamed of and more. It's going to be a LOT of work, but it's all work that we can do casually and enjoy. I love my red kitchen, and the rest of my tan house. We're going to have to replace the carpet though, amongst a whole bunch of other things. The house needs to close ASAP, because my stuff will be here in a week, and we need to get that carpet replaced BEFORE we start moving furniture in.

And since we got here, we've been trying to find a second car for my husband that's under our budget. We're looking for a truck (so we can haul stuff from Home Depot or Lowes for our new house), but with our limited budget, we really can't afford to go to a car dealership. I've been looking on craigslist, but it's hard. I've gotten 3 scam replies already, and the one non-scam local car turned out to need over $1000 of work on it. Tomorrow morning hubby starts work, and we are both very excited. So far, this new command seems to be pretty understanding and decent. I just pray that they'll continue to be tolerant and understanding until the end of the month, because my ability to take him to work is non-existant, since we now live 30 minutes away instead of 5 minutes away.

The little princess also had her first appointment today with her new civilian doctor. And FINALLY...someone is doing something about her weight issues. I definitely wasn't happy about the 8 (yes EIGHT) vials of blood that they took from my little girl this afternoon, but they are pretty much getting every test under the sun. We're going in a few days to do a sweat test, and they're even doing a chromosonal test. I have always been willing to accept that she's just petite (because after all, so am I), but I just can't sleep at night if they haven't even TRIED to find out what's wrong. I'll gratefully and willingly accept the fact that she's just petite AFTER some tests have been run, but not before. I am thanking my stars for the option to see a civilian doctor here.

It's hard, and my days are currently non-stop 12+ hours long running around town. But I'm so happy to be in our home state, and I cannot express how grateful I am to be able to step out in a t-shirt and jeans instead of having to bundle up like crazy. In fact, we have the biggest laughs when we see people walking around with gloves and scarves...!

I really really miss blogging, deal hunting, and budgetting. My goal is to be able to get back on a schedule by March 1st. It seems like forever away, but it's important to have goals...!

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Lisa said...

It is good to hear that the trip went well. Praying for the house to close faster for you. I am so thankful we get to go to civilian doctor's and at Stanford at that. Hoping you get the answers you need and want.
It wont take you too long to start finding the deals and steals once you get settled.

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