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I will be AWAY until late February as we do this moving thing...again.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nearly there!

Finally, after about a week and a half of no internet whatsoever, I'm back online. Sort of. It's a complicated mess, but it's better than nothing. I will have a reliable connection starting March 4th though (hopefully).

And in the meantime, we've moved in, had our stuff arrive, bought a new truck for hubby, and bought a refrigerator and dishwasher for our house. But the hot water in the kitchen leaks (and thus was turned off). And 2 out of 3 toilets in my house doesn't work. And the downstairs sink only leak if you pull up the stopper and then let the water go...if you just run it normally it doesn't leak. Oh, and my backyard is so muddy that I basically have to give the dogs a bath every time they set foot outside.

But it's our house, and we're all here in one piece, and all of our stuff is here in one piece. The kitchen is nearly done, and this weekend we hope to get everything functioning again. It's all just unpacking from this point, which in comparison with everything else is a easy piece of cake.

I've already done my scouting around, and it looks like there are not one, but two CVSs around. And a Rite Aid. And a Walgreens. Soon I can start stocking my HUGE toiletry/towel/spare closet again. The storage space in this house is scarily amazing...!


Liz said...

You will soon settle in a be very happy. Nice blog

Together We Save said...

Good luck with the stock pile. I have a CVS and Walgreens close also.

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