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Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunny California (sorta)

Hi everyone! Just checking in from sunny sunny California. Well, sorta - it's raining this morning. But I'll take rain ANY DAY over the -3 degrees blizzard that we had in Chicago. It was quite literally was -3 degrees but with windchill it was -35 degrees. Surprisingly, we had no delays whatsoever, and go checked in and through security in 15 minutes.

There's a lot of stuff on the agenda for today, but I am DETERMINED to head out to CVS for some major holiday shopping! Not to mention the free Conair Gel Grips Ionic Styler Dryer from Walgreens. Today ONLY, it's half-off at $10 with a $10 register reward. And the best thing abotu all of this shopping is that I won't have to take it home - I'm just going to leave it at my in-law's house, and when we move down here in a couple of weeks I will collect my haul. Or, they can always just use it - we all know that CVS and Walgreens offers enough freebies and moneymakers for one to share with the entire block, and then some.

I will continue to check in while on vacation, and I might even have more time to blog than when I was at home, considering there is currently a mile long waiting list to hold/feed/entertain the baby. Ah...don't you just LOVE family?

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Ginger said...

I have the most incredible urge to yell "SLACKER"!!!! ROFL! While I don't personally like SoCal, I can tell you I would probably like it better if it is warmer than 15 degrees as it is here.

FYI, I'll be out of the loop 12/24 - 12/27.

Merry Christmas Rita and family!


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