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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stay on top of prices

With the holiday season being so busy it is sometimes hard to keep up with everything. A lot of stores have price protection policies so if the price drops on something you bought you are able to get the difference back. Well there is a site that will watch the prices for you. It is called Price Protectr. If you shop at one of the retailers Price Protectr supports, all you have to do is enter the URL for the item you purchased. If the price drops within the item's price protection period, you will be sent an email with detailed information on how to get your money back! Price Protectr supports more than 150 retailers.

There is even a toolbar you can use to save you more time! The toolbar features:

  • One-click protection. When you visit a supported retailer, a "Protect" button is enabled which will open a new tab at Price Protectr and automatically fill in your URL.
  • Never forget to protect a purchase. The toolbar will stay up to date with all the supported retailers, so you never have to wonder whether or not a site is supported.
  • Retailer ratings. When you visit a supported retailer, their price protection rating will show up letting you know how accurate out users have found the price protection policy.
  • Save some dough with coupons. When you visit a supported retailer, it will automatically show you any coupons that are available.
  • Provides easy access to the deals search, price protectr pages, full retailer profiles, and more!


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