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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Remember me?

Hi there.  Remember me?  I used to blog here?

In all seriousness though, I apologize for my absence this past week.  It feels like a month since I've been around, and I'm sure that my inbox felt the same way.  I wish I had good news and could say that I'm back in full force now, but unfortunately for the rest of the week I will have to remain a ghost.

My parents and grandmother arrived on Thanksgiving night, and since then I have been slowly losing my sanity.  Besides having 3 additional people in my tiny house, it's just been taxing and exhausting in general.  I love them dearly and it's wonderful that they're here, but it's extremely tiring.  They'll be leaving on Monday, so things should get back to normal next week. 

And of course, this week I've been keeping up with the baby feeding marathon.  The good news is that she is heavier - somehow she magically gained the required 14oz and we managed to escape from the hospital admission we've been trying to avoid.  But it was close...we had a bag packed in the car. 

I say "magically" because when we weighed her on Monday, she had gained only 6oz.  And this is on the same scale that we've been using for the past month.  While I'm glad that I'm not typing this in a hospital and my little princess doesn't have tubes coming out of her, I'm also a bit concerned and dumb-founded on what in the world happened.  I'm no medical professional, but somehow a sudden 7oz weight gain in less than 24 hours just seems a bit off to me.  I know that scales can differ from each other, but a 7oz difference just really doesn't add up to me. 

But right now, the important thing is that we're not in the hospital.  I also have to entertain the fact that I've just been doing this for so long and with such intensity that I was expecting the worst and it's almost a shock that it's not.

And for those of you who have been following this whole baby dilemma of mine from the beginning, including my first run-in with the specialist, you might be interested to know that this second run-in wasn't that much better.  We weren't accused of being complete idiots and starving our kid, at least.  But he did tell me to "stop keeping records" and to just weigh her every couple of weeks. 

Right.  Sorry doc, but I anin't going to listen to you on that one.  I'm not about to wait a month to weigh her just to find out that we've lost the progress we fought so hard for.  Besides, I should mention that no one else thought that it was a bad idea for me to keep a food log for a WEEKEND.  Not even the full 2 weeks, just a weekend.  Whatever.  I seriously wonder who let that guy be a doctor.

The good news though is that he doesn't think we need a specialist and that our regular pediatrician can handle it.  For once, I agree with him.  We don't need a the very least, not him.  I'm not completely sure that we're out of the woods considering she's still FAR underweight, but honestly I don't think the specialist is out to help us.  It's sad, but it's the truth. 

We've gotten a handle on the whole food thing, and things should calm down now that we're not being threatened or insulted by some crazy psychotic specialist.  Bear with me, it's nearly over - I will be back on Monday!

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Nancy M. said...

I'm glad she gained the weight to keep her out of the hospital. It is strange how she gained that much like overnight. I don't think I would like that doctor much, either. He seems hard to please.

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