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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CVSing for 12/7 - 12/13

Click here to check out my CVS results!

I skipped CVSing last week due to the mass chaos family gathering at my house, but honestly there wasn't really anything that great anyway. I am really starting to sweat the $86.51 ECBs that I have from Thanksgiving, since I will be leaving for a CVS-less land in 2 weeks. I'll worry about that though later. Here is the one transaction that I will be doing this week:

Buy 1 Powerade: $1.59
Buy 1 Theraflu Warming Relief: $5.99
Buy 1 Complete Eye Solution: $8.99 (December deal)
Subtotal: $16.57
Use $2/1 Theraflu mfg coupon (-$2.00)
Use $2/1 Complete printable (-$2.00)
Grand Total: $12.57 (use $4.47 + $7.99 ECB)
OOP: $0.11 + tax (on CVS giftcard)
ECBs returned: $1.59 (Powerade) + $2.00 (Theraflu) + $8.99 (Complete) = $12.58
MIR returned: $5.99 (Theraflu)
Total return: $18.57 ($6.00 profit!)

I'm going to poke around tomorrow and see if I can plan my scenarios for the next few weeks before we leave - if I don't see anything worth using up my load of ECBs for, I might take advantage of the Duracell and Hershey's deal. This week, buy $15 worth of Duracell Batteries and get $5 ECBs - a pack is $3 right now, so it'll come out to $2 a pack of batteries after ECBs. With the right coupons, it'll be down to $1.50 a pack. Not exactly free, but still acceptable.

And then there's chocolate - buy $20 worth of Hershey's Candy and get $10 back in ECBs. Worse comes to worse, it's ALWAYS acceptable to "blow" ECBs on chocolate-y goodness!


Brandy said...

Thanks for the complete q link!

The Grays said...

Don't worry. I'm sure you'll find a lot to spend those ECBs on in the next couple of weeks. CVS is doing an amazing sale again!

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