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Saturday, December 13, 2008

CVS: what are you doing...?!

On my last trip to CVS, I received a $/$$ coupon at the end of my ECBs.  I had originally thought it was $3/$15, so imagine my surprise when I double checked this morning and it turned out to be a $5/$15!

My plan was very simple - buy 5 packs of Duracell batteries at $3 each, and get back $5 ECBs for having spent $15.  If only it was actually that simple.

When I went to check out, the batteries rang up at $2.99 each.  That's only a cent difference, but the problem though is that I would NOT be able to get my $5 ECBs because I would be five cents short of $15, and would have to buy ANOTHER pack of batteries.  Not cool.

After I pointed out that the batteries are advertised as $3 according to both the price tag AND the ad, the manager decided to take the creative path and have me buy 6 packs of batteries and then refund the 6th pack, just to force the system to print the ECBs.  Sounds complicated, but okay, whatever...he's the manager so he knows what he's doing.

Here's the rather confusing transaction breakdown:

Buy 6 packs of Duracell @ $2.99 each: $17.94
Subtotal: $17.94
Use $5/$15 CVS register coupon (-$5.00)
Use 2 $0.50 Duracell mfg coupon (-$1.00)
Use 2 $0.75 Duracell mfg coupon (-$1.50)
Grand Total: $10.44 (use $3.99 + $3.45 + $3.00 ECB)
OOP: $0.20 tax (on CVS giftcard: balance $14.48)
ECBs returned: $5 (Duracell)

Return 1 pack of Duracell batteries: $2.99
Tax: $0.24
Total on CVS money card: $3.23

So, after all is said and done, I paid $10.44 in ECBs and $0.20 on my giftcard, and then got a refund on for $3.23.  My total expense
was $7.21 in ECBs, and I got back $5 ECBs.  That means I paid $2.21 for
5 packs of batteries - not too shabby!

Granted, if only the CVS system was right and rung the batteries up at $3 each instead of $2.99, it would have a lot less confusing, but I'm so grateful to my store for stepping up and making it work regardless. 

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