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Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Catalog: Giving, Caring, and Sharing OH MY!

Not only do I highlight unique products in the CHRISTMAS CATALOG, but I also want to bring to your attention ways to give back during this Holiday season.  Presents are a HUGE part of Christmas, and the source of much stress and concern, but it is important to remember that Christmas is not about STUFF.  It's so easy to lose sight of what Christmas is really all about - giving, caring, and sharing.  And today, Jennifer of the Lady Riposter has kindly shared with us simple ways to spread the Christmas joy this year. 

The holiday season is rapidly approaching.  It’s a time everyone loves to spend with their families, especially children.  Yet not everyone is as lucky as we are and it’s important to keep the less fortunate in mind as we move into Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I believe it’s important to teach children about the importance of giving, caring and sharing.  My parents tried to instill these values in me and even now, at 26, I try to keep those less fortunate in mind, even when doing something as simple as the weekly shop.

Giving, caring and sharing doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money, or any at all.  It just means doing something special for someone else.  Here are some ideas of how you and your children can help brighten the lives of others this season:

Care packages – help your children put together a care package for an organization such as Operation Christmas Child.  This organization collects shoeboxes filled with toys and toiletries and distributes them to children in need.  You can also put together a care package for someone closer to home.  Do you know a soldier serving overseas?  A foreign exchange student?

Goody Bag – Bake some special treats and deliver them to friends and neighbors in need of a little bit of extra cheer.  Do you know someone, perhaps an elderly neighbor, who won’t have the opportunity to visit their family this year?  Due to the current economic situation, it’s likely many will choose not to travel this season. Shameless plug – I have a number of easy recipes on my blog.

Tree of Cheer
– Help your children make ornaments and put them on a small tree.  You can deliver this tree to a shelter or a retirement home.  Alternatively, you might ask your church if they know of someone who could use some additional holiday cheer.  You can also just make the ornaments have the children deliver them.

Giveaway Challenge
– Ask your children to pick a few toys or items of clothing (in good condition, of course) that they would like to donate to a local shelter for children who aren’t as lucky as they are.  Remind them how much it will mean to a child who might not otherwise get a gift this year.

Christmas Carols – The sounds of children singing can brighten anybody’s day.  Have your children gather a group of friends and take them to a retirement home, assisted living community or hospital to sing carols for the residents.  Check into this before you go, of course, but there are many places out there that would love to have your group visit.

Alright, now it’s your turn.  I challenge you to come up with a way that you and your family can brighten someone else’s life this season.  Post your ideas in the comments and let’s inspire each other to give, care and share!

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Sherrylinn said...

Wonderful ideas, thank you very much!

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