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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 - It is almost here!

Hello All!

I don't know about you, but for me it is nearly impossible to believe that 2008 is drawing to a close. So much has happened in our family this year. We had trips to attend graduations for our 2 older daughters, the oldest got married out of state so there were many trips for planning, showers and the wedding. My son needed some help with his boys for a week so I traveled for that. We lost our tenant in west Texas and had to travel to get the house market ready and put it on the market. Anyone want a nice house in El Paso, TX? My oldest daughter had surgery earlier this month so I traveled to be with her. We went back to be with my family for Christmas. I think we did 15 trips last year and all were in excess of 600 miles. You can see, I am anxious for 2009 to be a calmer year with less MUST DOs and more relaxation. How about you?

I've purchased a new calendar for work. I have new journals for tracking projects. Now I am preparing to pack down all the trim and do a whole house clean-up to start 2009 off in good shape. I am planning the makeover of a bedroom into my home office. There are taxes to consider and all the organizing and planning that takes. We still have to purchase our tax software though.

Clearance shopping is still on my to-do list in early 2009. I am not doing much but there are a few things I am eyeballing hoping to get dirt cheap deals. We had a big discussion and it lead to me purchasing the Amazon Prime membership. We decided that 2009 will be an Amazon Christmas. No shopping, no wrapping, no hauling and no mailing. Point, click and be done. The purchase price will more than pay for itself with me NOT buying stuff we don't need to get and the time and gas it takes to get there.

Amazon Prime - Check it out!

If you are looking for more coupons or deals, please consider visiting Coupons Rebates & Refunds. I have been posting some nice items over there. If you are interested in earning some gift certificates by participating at sites that will reward you, please consider visiting I list several sites in the two sidebars where you can create accounts and participate. All are brief and build over time. Most people who are faithful to visit the sites listed are earning over $1000 annually for minimal participation. It may be answering a trivia question or visiting links or even just opening and viewing an email. All the sites listed are tested and proven to pay. Nothing is set in stone, but I do try to ferret out sites that are trustworthy.

Here is wishing you all a wonderful 2009! I know that Rita is itching to get moved, unpacked, get her computer back and have a routine once again. I've got total admiration for her going through all of this during the winter, with little notice and with a baby too! I'm doing what I can to keep info flowing for her. As the new year settles in, I'm hoping to be better at doing that for not just My Precious Pennies but my own blogs too!


Coupons Rebates and Refunds


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