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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: The Great Bumbo Escape

You know what mom?

I have HAD IT with this eating crap.

Quit shoving food down my throat.

You think the bottle strike was bad?  Try the food strike.

I'm D-O-N-E!


Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

That is such a cute picture! You must be a scrapbooker to take a picture before saving the child :-). That would be me too!

sabakose said...

Yikes ... um .. cardinal rule to never use the bumbo on a table?!? All it takes is a second! Sorry poor thing is OVER the food! :-(

Karen said...

That is so cute! They do find a way out eventually. She's obviously very strong to be able to do that even though she is small! LOL

Angie said...

LOL. Run, little! :-) She is too cute! I can't say I blame her for revolting..have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And, the doggie air freshener story cracked me up!

Dora said...

New way of sleeping? ;p

Sandy said...

Too cute. Mine is almost 6 months and he is starting to be an escape artist too.

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