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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WFMW: Retired Buddies soaps

This summer, it seemed like every time you blinked there was another $1/1 or $2/2 or $3/3 printable for a Johnson's product.  And since Walmart (and a couple of other places) sold the Buddies Easy-Grip Sudzing Bar at under $1, not only was it free, it was also a small money-maker.  Understandably, I had a good stockpile of Buddies in my stockpile closet.

Buddies are a hot commodity in this house.  My husband LOVES to take these things to work - easy to work with, according to him.  Okay. Sure.  Whatever.  We also washed the baby with these soaps.  I think we even washed the dogs with them once when we forgot to take the dog shampoo into the bathroom and everyone was already soaked. 

I'm starting to run out of Buddies, and I'm going to miss that bright green bar when they're gone.  BUT fear not, there is a retirement community for Buddies.  Once the actual soap is gone, instead of tossing out the green cover, I take it to my laundry room and use them there.  I use the cover to scrub at stains, and in my opinion it is the most effective scrubber. 

After you spray whatever stain-remover on, you're supposed to rub it in.  I never figured out how to rub it in with another part of the clothing.  Just never really quite grasped that whole concept.  But these retired Buddies bars are great - I can scrub as hard as I like.  It's gentle on the hands and I don't have to worry about anything flaking off onto the clothing.  I've been able to get some tough grass stains and baby food stains out thanks to the retired Buddies bars.

Johnson's Buddies, you have served our family faithfully for an entire summer.  Fear not, you share not be abandoned to the dreaded trash can.  You will forever have a spot in the Laundry Room Retirement Center for Buddies. 

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Patricia @ From Wags to Riches said...

I have a very healthy supply of Buddies Soap. So much so I've had to STOP printing those Q's.

A large amount will be going to a friend's toddler and I might bring a couple to Australia and give them to my brother and another friend who's having a baby.

I'm curious to try one for myself too :) And the stain scrubber idea is a great one.

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