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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Walgreens DD results

I think I did pretty good considering I had about 3 hours of notice that it was DD weekend. It's not a super mega awesome haul, but I still managed to turn a small profit and get $47 worth of stuff for my trouble. Here is the breakdown:

Buy 1 L'Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium: $19.99
Buy 1 Almay One Coat Mascara: $6.99
Buy 2 bioInfusion 33.8oz shampoo/conditioner: $20.00
Buy 1 Jolly Rancher dog toy: $1.00
Subtotal: $47.98
Use $5/1 December ESR bioInfusion coupon (-$10.00)
Use $1/1 Almay mfg coupon (-$1.00)
Grand Total: $36.98 (use $4 RR)
OOP: $32.98 + $3.84 tax = $36.82
November rebates: $19.99 (L'Oreal) + $6.99 (Almay) + $10.00 (bioInfusion) + $3.69 (10% giftcard bonus) = $40.67 ($3.85 profit)

I had originally planned to get the Crest Spinbrush at $4.99, but the December ESR Crest coupon wouldn't work. The wording said "Crest Spinbrush Pro", but the picture was of a rechargeable $14.99 Spinbrush. I think it's ridiculous that a picture overrides the wording, but whatever - we don't need more toothbrushes anyway.

And no, I wasn't planning on getting the Jolly Rancher dog toy, but this week has been especially hard on Chloe and Chip. We've barely been home, and when we are home we're so focused on shoving food down the little princess' throat that we almost forget to feed them (thanks for the death glares and the reminding whines, Chloe). I found the toy in the clearance department, and they really deserve a little treat. Chloe took it the second after I snapped my picture. In hindsight, I was a fool to think that they would share...

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