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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sick Day

I am officially declaring a sick day today. It all started last night with the sniffles, and sniffles became a headache, and before long the headache became a sore throat. This morning we barely woke up on time to make it to the baby's checkup appointment, and the entire 3 hours we were there I was feeling just absolutely terrible. Granted, the fact that no one knows why my daughter is losing weight probably didn't help the "terrible" feeling factor.

So, I am declaring today a sick day. I will probably still be lurking around, and I will most likely do a Mailbox of Goodies and Freebie Frenzy post, but I'm just not altogether here. It's not a bad cold, but I really need to get it out of my system before next week, which I have dubbed "hell week".

Next week my husband will be tied up at work for FOUR days. We also need to drive out of state for the baby's specialist appointment, where they will do who knows what to her. Then it's another round of appointments at our local doctor's. Oh, did I mention that I have family coming in from out of state AND overseas for Thanksgiving? Some of them are staying in a hotel, but they'll all still hang out here. That makes a total of 6 people living in my tiny house, and 10 people hanging out during the day here.

So between having no help for most of the week, and running around to crazy doctor appointments, I need to make my house look presentable. I still have BOXES in my living room, so obviously this is not going to be an easy task. This cold (or whatever it is) needs to be gone TODAY. Since hubby is tied up all of next weekend, we need to figure out what heavy stuff needs to be moved so he can take care of it this weekend. This was NOT a good week to start feeling under the weather.

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Debbie said...

I know how you feel I've had the same thing and have not been able to see my new granddaughter all week. I finally had to go to the doctor and get to shots and precriptions. By the next day feeling much better. I started taking the tylenol multi-system cold right away and didn't help. Believe me get to a doctor.

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