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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Sanity Saver: paci clips

It's been a tad since I participated in a Saturday Sanity Saver over at Thrifty & Chic Mom!  Maybe it's because I've been left wanting in the sanity department lately.  BUT, I do have a sanity saver this Saturday, and that would be pacificer clips. 

My little princess does not use a paci - she just never took to the paci and we just never pushed it.  One less thing to worry about.  But for some reason, I kept finding paci clips around the house.  I think I just keep getting them as gifts...but they were a bit pointless since she doesn't use a pacifier.

Well, little did I know that those "useless" pacifier clips had the potential to save my sanity.  The little princess LOVES to stick her toys in her mouth, and although she has developed a major death-grip on her stuff most of the times, every once in a while she would drop them too.  And more likely than not, she would have dropped it outside of her carseat.  This is a problem whether we're in the car, or out of the car. 

In the car means she's lost her favorite toy of the hour and will now screech because she can't reach it.  Our of the car means she's lost her favorite toy of the hour, it's now dirty after having fallen on the ground, and she will screech for the rest of the day because she can't have it anymore (or until she finds a new favorite).  Either way, it's a sanity-drainer.

That's when I started attaching her toys to the pacifier clips.  The theory is the same - you put the little strappy thing around the pacificer handle so it doesn't go anywhere.  Why can't I put the little strappy thing around something else (like a rattle, or her toy keys, or her teether) so those can't do anywhere either?

Those once-useless paci clips have saved my sanity.  She's learned to pull the paci strap to get her toy back, so there's the initial screech, and then quiet because she got her favorite toy back.  And honestly, there's no need to buy expensive looking paci-clips.  Once I ran out of paci clips to attach to whatever she's in at the moment, I just tied a piece of ribbon to a binder clip.  Of course it doesn't look as pretty, but I've got a lot better things to worry about than pretty-looking pacifier clips.  Like what else she's managed to get a hold of and shove in her mouth:

That was the most respectful picture I could find.  I have ones of intercepted French Fries and chocolate bars too. That daddy of hers need to pay attention when he eats...


Karen said...

Hey Rita, You've been awarded!! Check it out here...

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

I used to do that too. It was great in church so nothing loudly crashed to the floor! I just upgraded my Mr.Linky so I can have multiple so next week I will put a linky up for you to link to!

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