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Monday, November 17, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies

Today was an awesome Mailbox of Goodies.  My poor mail-man probably had quite the experience lugging all the stuff to my door step in 30º weather.  One of my goodies is a secret, but I can share the rest of them with you.  I am SO deliriously happy that I received my BabbaCover Snuggle Fleece car seat cover that I splurged on.  I first told you about this in my mid month budget round-up.  It couldn't have arrived at a better time, considering the high for tomorrow is 34º, and winds are going up to 15 mph.

My second AWESOME goodie came courtesy of Soapbox Mama - I won the "Sleep n' Grow" Itsy Bitsy Yoga DVD.  I tried it out this afternoon with the little princess, and she absolutely loved it.

Now, onwards to the regular freebies in my Mailbox.  I received 2 free magazines, Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home.  I really love these free magazine subscriptions that I get, because otherwise I would never read a magazine in my life!  They are a nice little treat, and I love to keep them in the bathrooms or on the coffee table.  They give the impression that I'm NOT stuck in my house living under a rock. 

I also received my Internet Safety Kit today.  I can't wait to read up on this - I think now that the Internet is such a common part of our everyday lives, we tend to forget some basic safety tips.  In the future, I plan on putting together a little segment on Internet Safety.  Stay tuned!

Have you checked out my Freebies Galore today?

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