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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies

Not much in my Mailbox of Goodies today.  Just another issue from my free 6 month subscription to U.S. News from RewardsGold.  I also got 2 boxes of Gerber disposable nursing pads, courtesy of their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I had bought a box of ultra-thin disposable nursing pads a while back, but after a while I had to stop using them.  They had no stickies on the back, so they just kept sliding all over the place.  It wasn't because they were too thin - if only they would stay put!

Well, I was on the phone with Gerber on Saturday morning to ask them about their different types of food, and before I hung up I figured I'd just ask them about their satisfaction guarantee.  The box was half-used, and I didn't even have the store receipt, so I wasn't expecting much.  To my surprise, they just asked for my name and address, what I didn't like about them, and offered to send me coupons to make up for the price of box.  When I asked them if they carried other types of nursing pads with stickies on them, the representative I talked to was nice enough to offer me two sample boxes. 

I'm more than happy with this "freebie".  Nursing pads are one of the "hidden costs" of babies, and you go through them really quickly too.  I've considered getting those washable nursing pads, but I just haven't had the time to research them.  Besides, that'll require that I do laundry, so maybe in the end it's better if I just stick with disposable.  I haven't tried these new pads out yet, but I can't wait to use them and I'm pretty sure that they'll be fine. 

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Amber R said...

I finally ended up going with the washable and was thrilled with them. I ended up making my own that had small pieces of velcro, and they not only worked great but were super cheap and easy to make. I made enough to last me a week for less than $25.

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