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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm still around...for now

We went in for the baby's weight check this morning, and it's somewhat good news.  Well, I'm not typing this in a hospital room, that's for sure.  But, we're not having a good laugh about it either.  She's the same weight as she was last Friday, and we used the same scale at the pediatrician's office.  In the past 6 days, she really should have gained at least an ounce, especially with the insane amount of food that we've been shoving into her mouth. 

I've been on the phone all morning with the various people that's on her "team", both at the specialist's office and locally.  I've also been calling around for outside and fresh opinions from various state and military resources that's available to us.  Basically, everyone's wary at this point and doubtful that we should wait out the full 2 weeks to go back, but at the same time they're STILL not quite ready to press the panic button.  But then again, as medical professionals I guess they don't get to press the panic button unless there's no pulse.  Whatever. 

She's going back to the pediatrician on Monday for an actual visit, so we will see what her weight is then.  If it's STILL the same, then I will press the panic button for them, because that would have been an additional 5 days of this crazy food diet thing.  I mean, if the child is not nursing, there's a spoon in her mouth. 

My house is an utter mess due to this crazy baby stuff.  I'm going a bit insane - I even put the wrong dog in the car when we headed out to class yesterday.  Good thing I realized before we left the driveway.  I'll be taking most of the day to blitz clean the house (my parents and grandmother will be here in a week!!), but tonight I will try to schedule a couple of posts.  If you're interested in being a bog-sitter or doing some guest posts, please let me know!


Dana said...

oh Rita, I'm sorry that it wasn't better news. Praying for you guys!

The Lady Riposter said...

I'd be happy to do a guest post or two for you. I write mainly about food on my blog but I could write about pretty much anything if you wanted me to. I have a wide variety of interests, including reading, crafts, my dog, food, Christmas, etc.

Stay strong. I know it feels like life is crazy right now but you're being a good parent by making sure this gets taken care of instead of putting it off. Your baby knows how much you love her. You and your little one are in my prayers.

Sandy said...

Well I know it was a blessing not to see another loss. Hang in there. If I was a better blogger-I would offer to blog sit. Unfortunately, I am just too new to the blogging world. Good Luck with the cleaning.

Amber R said...

I am glad she has not lost weight. Hold in there... it may just take some time to help her start gaining weight. If there is anything else I can do to help, just email me please! I am home and free until Turkey day.

Angie said...

I have been praying soo hard for your little angel. I can only imagine the stress you are feeling..and it just makes me cry. Do you what you need to do for your sanity and her health...demand that someone do something now before the problem gets worse. And...I am sure your parents & gramma are not gonna care what the house looks like, sweetie....please don't stress yourself out anymore worrying about that..If there is anything I can do, please let me know...


Sarah said...

Sending love. I'd take a dog off your hands (since we're already sitting for our neighbor) if I could! When you already have two trashing the house what's a third or forth?

Lisa said...

Can I ask where you are stationed? Are you seeing a military ped? We are stationed in Ca and are blessed to be near Stanford which is an awsome hosp.
Hopng for even a tiny weight gain this weekend.

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