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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Guided Tour of My Precious Pennies!

The dust has finally begun to settle after some major construction here at My Precious Pennies.  Things can be a tad bit overwhelming at first, so here's a guided tour to make finding all of your old favorites a bit easier.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll even discover some new favorites in the process!

The Navigational Bar is your map to My Precious Pennies
Below the header is the handy dandy navigational bar, and it is your new best friend because it will take you to everything that My Precious Pennies has to offer, and then some. 

The wanna-be Navigational Bar
Immitation is the best form of flattery.  The navigational bar is just so awesome that a wanna-be has cropped this.  You can see a few recent posts, search the entirety of My Precious Pennies, or view my archive by topic.  The wanna-be navigational bar is your new neighbor that you can depend on for some sugar =P.

Home: Click here to go back to the home page to read my most recent posts.

About: If you've ever wondered about the person behind the crazy ramblings, here's a bit about me and my mine.

Mailbox of Goodies: View my daily Mailbox of Goodies and find out how to make your own

Freebies: The lists of "incoming freebies" and "received freebies" are
still around...they've just relocated to their new home on the
"freebies" page.
PLEASE NOTE - I am still working on this feature, so it has been
disabled for now.  The format will be the same - a daily updated list
of "incoming freebies" and "received freebies", but I'm hoping to make
it possible for you to search by date, freebie, or cateogry.  It's not
exactly a walk in the park, so I appreciate your patience on this.

Giveaways: This will take you to the giveaways currently running on My Precious Pennies, as well as a listing of giveaways on other blogs.

Links: These are my resources, and they range from websites of interest to other great blogs that I read and my wonderful sponsors.

FAQ: Got a question about the site or the ways of my madness?  Check out the FAQs!

Contact: If your question was not answered by the FAQ, feel free to contact me directly.  You can also just drop me a line to chat - I love talking to new people! 

Are you interested in advertising on My Precious Pennies?  Read my advertising guidelines to find out how!

On your left, you'll see the BLOG SIDEBAR...
All of my "bloggy business" will be carried out on the left sidebar.  This is where to look if you want to subscribe, grab my button, or check out blog features!

And on your right is the AD SIDEBAR...
My left sidebar is entirely dedicated to ads.  I am EXTREMELY selective about the ads that I show or sites that I link to, so rest assured that everything you see has been personally reviewed and approved by me.  If I cannot personally support it and it's something that I wouldn't share with my family, it's won't on there.  I encourage you to take a look at the sites listed on this sidebar and in my links - it's a wealth of resources that I'm sure will be of interest to you.

So, what exactly do you talk about?
I blog about a variety of things, ranging from "Steals 'n Deals" at CVS to organizing tricks and tips.  Every once in a while I'll also share little tidbits of my life that I think might benefit someone else, or might be a good laugh.  You can find a full listing of my topics in the upper left corner under "What I Blog About..."

When are you around?
Being a mother and a wife are both jobs that unfortunately do not come with business hours.  I'm in and out all the time, but I will try my best to reply to your email within 24 hours.  If you do not hear back from me in a couple of days, feel free to send another one - the email pixies might have ate it.

I blog on a daily basis, but my priority and focus is on my family, so there will undoubtedly be interruptions.  For those occasions, I will do my best to post a notice.  You can expect to see a Mailbox of Goodies post at least every other day though, along with my regular listing of freebies.  But like I said, my priority is the well-being and happiness of my family, and I'll have you know that the dogs are mighty demanding!  Oh, and the baby is too.  And certainly can't forget the endless depends of the other baby hubby...

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