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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Announcement: Introducing Freebie Frenzy!

After much work and research into making a searchable freebie system, I have decided to abandon it and just go back to the basics.  In the ideal world, you would be able to search for freebies by categories, received status, and date added.  However, short of a brain transplant, that's just something that I can't figure out how to do.  So, it's back to the basics.  Sorta.

Everyday there will be a "Freebie Frenzy" posting where I will share the newest freebies.  My received freebies will be highlighted in a "Mailbox of Goodies" posting.  Here are the good old lists of "incoming freebies" and "received freebies".   Don't let the posting date fool you though, because the lists will be updated on a daily basis - the actual date of last update is in the title.

In some ways, this system is a bit more clumsy than the old scroll-boxes in the sidebar.  However, the sidebars were just far too cluttered in the old design, and I really want to keep the sidebar content minimal in this new design.  I am open to suggestions on how to handle freebies, so feel free to leave a comment with ideas or suggestions.  

Thanks for sticking with me through freebie-less time.  Since I've taken such a long break from freebie-gathering, the old lists have been scratched and I am starting anew, so that's why things look so out of place.  For a few weeks the received-freebies will seem like they're coming out of nowhere since I scratched the old incoming list, so please try to put up with my insane madness for a bit longer.

This freebie thing is the LAST of the crazy changes associated with the new design, so now finally we can get to just enjoying the pretty pink and brown!

1 comment:

Jackie B. said...

Thank you. I always say...IF it ain't broke, don't fix it. I like the way you do your freebies with new incoming and received.

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