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Friday, November 21, 2008

Aloha Friday

I am utterly exhausted.  Last weekend was nothing but cleaning around the house trying to get prepared for a family visit for Thanksgiving, and on top of it all I've been fighting some mutant cold bug.  The rest of the week was spent running around to all of the baby's doctor appointments.  I wish that I can say that I'm looking forward to the weekend, but it's another one of those dreaded 72-hour mommy-only weekends.

What's your quickest (and most effective) relaxation and re-energizing method?

I've considered hiring a maid, putting the baby in 72-hour daycare, or just asking Chip to let me hide underneath the bed with him.  Unfortunately, none of those options are available to me currently.  My favorite (and most effective) relaxation method is to take a nice steamy bath with tons of candles before bed, and then leave some incense burning as I fall asleep, but I haven't been able to do that since the baby was born.  I need to find new ways to rejuvenate myself...and quickly!


Sandy said...

Relaxation...what is that. Even the hubby knocks on the door when I go to the bathroom. "What are you doing?" Ummmmm........well its one of a couple of things. Good luck finding a peaceful moment.

sues2u2 said...

Not certain how old your baby is but I used to snuggle in the bed (w/ rolled blankets between us!) w/ my babies. Loved to be near that sweet smell plus they slept better & so did I! At least for a few seconds!! lol

dhw said...

Do Moms get any relaxation?

TheAngelForever said...

Good luck trying to get some relaxation time. I know how hard it can be. Things that help me to relax are curling up in the winter under a warm blanket to read. I also love to just catch up on shows and knit - mind numbing and helps to get my brain to quiet down.

Anonymous said...

I have three:
A day at the beach, boating at the lake or a really long bike ride.

Sage and Savvy said...

I wish I knew...when you find something that works can you please share? =)

Sherrylinn said...

I like to sit in the bedroom, lights out, and just listen to some worship music. Relaxes me every time.

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

After a long (and sometimes bad) day at work I like to take a long bubble bath and sip on a cold beer. It tends to reset my mind and relax me.

janetfaye said...

I take long slow walks to relax and fast fitness walks to re-energize.

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