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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Warning on Carter's "Tag-less" Labels

Carter's has issued a warning on clothing with their tag-less labels from their Fall 2007 line.  Apparently some children could be allergic to the heat-transferred labels and can develop a rash on their back.  However, other tag-less labels seem to be okay - just not the ones from the Fall 2007 that has a solid white background.  You can check out Carter's for a picture of the labels, as well as answers to your other questions regarding this warning.

This is NOT a recall, although Carter's does say that you can return any item that you are not satisfied with for a full refund.  This is somewhat disturbing to me, considering that a HUGE majority of my daughter's wardrobe comes from Carter's.  Although the labels in question come from the Fall 2007 line, many different retailers carry Carter's products and these questionable tag-less labels could very well still be on the shelves.  Off the top of my head I know I've seen those solid white background tags on quite a few items, especially since she's got a lot of hand-me downs in there. 

Our little princess hasn't developed a rash on her back or anything, but there was that one scary incident last month when her eye was swollen shut and she was covered in hives.  We still have absolutely no idea what caused it, and probably never will  I am completely undecided on what I am going to do with these Carter's tag-less products right now.  According to their website, Carter's "received fewer than four reported rashes for every 1,000,000 of these products sold" - but then again, that's reported.  For all I know my daughter didn't like what I ate that night, or the new shampoo I used or something. 

Babies...don't you just wish they came with a diagnostic panel with lights that light up if something is wrong?

1 comment:

erica m said...

uh huh. and no one thought to check the ink for allergens?!?!

yes, a diagnostic sheet/troubleshooting guide would be handy! one for each, specific to the child. lol in fact, i'd like one for myself!!

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