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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update of craziness

The design is still being worked on, and I'm still messing around with widgets, so please put up with me a bit longer. This week (and the coming week) also promises to be utterly crazy, so things are going to be going a bit slowly.

The little princess got her pink eye at the grand age of 6 months, and while it's nothing serious, it does require eye-drops 3 times a day. It doesn't help that she's decided that eye-drops are the most terrible thing in the world and starts thrashing around like a trapped goose whenever she sees the bottle. Doc, I think we're going to need a refill on the eye-drops...because I'm getting everything but her eyes and it takes about 20 drops each time before I do get them in.

Also, this/next week my husband is going through a complete schedule change at work, and of course, in line with Navy tradition, no one gets to know what the new schedule is until a day after it's implemented. We don't even know when/if we're having dinner next week, much less the timing for all of our other obligations like doctor's appointments, Gymboree, doggie classes.

And speaking of doggie classes, Chloe just graduated her basic class last week. But since the next advanced class (along with the CGC certification) won't be starting until after the holiday season, and we won't be around long enough to finish it, I called the trainer for other class recommendations so we can get all this stuff done and over with while the baby's still young and easy to leave somewhere. Well, I guess Chloe really impressed, because we were invited to join the advanced class next Monday on their last class, and if she does well enough, we can take the certification the following Monday. In essence, if Chloe performs, we can skip 8 weeks of advanced classes and just take the CGC test. This is a huge opportunity, so Chloe and I will be hitting the books overtime for the next week or so.

Oh, and on top of it all, we're planning a trip back to visit family for Christmas, so I've been scrambling to find a place for the dogs and get plane tickets that won't require me to sell off my first born to afford them. I have a panic attack every-time I even THINK of traveling with a 6 month old and all of her paraphernalia. And did I mention that my parents, my grandmother from overseas, and my aunt and uncle will be congregating at my house for Thanksgiving? That is, if I survive to see Thanksgiving.

Things have been a bit crazy, so I'm sorry about the complete lack of Mailbox of Goodies and Freebie Frenzy lately, but as soon as I'm done with this little update I'm going to work up a nice little list of freebies for your requesting pleasure a nice list of giveaways for your entering pleasure. I'm definitely not going to abandon My Precious Pennies and my beloved readers, especially when I've got an wonderful design in the wings ready to come out, but family comes first and family has been a bit crazy lately.

I won't be gone completely, and I will still be sharing the things that I need to do anyway (like menu plans, CVS trips...etc.) but articles, tips, and such will be a bit scarce for a bit. Thanks for sticking with me!


erica m said...

Small tip our Dr shared with us:

To keep the little one's head still, and hands out of the way, pull her arms above her head and hold both her hands together with one of your hands at the top of her head. Having her arms around the sides of her head and held tightly, keeps her from being able to move her head side to side, or flail her arms. It helped us sooo much! Anything from nasal spray to eye drops are easier this way cause you have one hand free to put them in!

Patricia @ From Wags to Riches said...

I hear you about plane tickets! But it's soooo worth it because it is family afterall. And I literally get to go home to my own country :)

BTW, Chiploe on the Wags contest? Am I missing them from the list?

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