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I will be AWAY until late February as we do this moving thing...again.

Ginger from Attention Target Shoppers & Tricia from 1stopmom
will be holding down the fort in the meantime - thank you so much, ladies!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 80% off!

Until midnight tomorrow night (10/13), you can buy a $25 gift certificate to selected local restaurants for a mere $2! 

Just use the code EIGHTY during check out at

I love because it allows us to try out new local delights at a fraction of the price.  Different certificates have different restrictions (no weekends, minimum order...etc.), so be sure you read the fine print.

The last time this promotion came around, I bought one each to two local places, but unfortunately haven't been able to visit them I'll be sitting out this deal.  But that doesn't mean you should too!  These make for an awesome Christmas gift - just type in the recipient's zipcode to find participating restaurants in their area.  It's an added bonus if you already know their favorite restaurant and it just so happens to be on the list!

So what are you still doing here?  Go get your $25 certificate for $2 now!


Erica said...

does the site act very slow for you? i am never able to access more than one page of restaurants and when i try to go to the next it takes forever then comes back saying there are none in my area, when it just showed there were 5 pages!

My Precious Pennies said...

I just tried out the site right now, and it seems fine. BUT, the last time I bought certificates during the 80% off sale, I had the same problem. I was just piggybacking off someone's wireless though, so I just attributed the issue to that, but it could be that they are dealing with a LOT of traffic.

After all, everyone wants to get some quality food for two bucks! You can't even get Starbucks at that price!

Erica said...

Thanks. Yeah, every so often a page will load real fast. Then the whole site will be down... I still haven't been able to purchase anything... Blah. I'll keep trying!

Tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary, so Hubby and I are going to spend the week end in Dallas. Figured I could get us some good food on a budget!

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