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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: triumphant return!

It's a glorious and triumphant return for my beloved Mailbox of Goodies, along with a brand new Mailbox to go along with the new design.  And surprise...the new design will (finally) be up and kicking by this weekend at the latest.  I know I've given possible times before, but I have 120% confidence that this time around things will go just as planned. But for now, enjoy this Mailbox of Goodies and the new button.

Today I received 5 free magazines: THREE copies of American Baby and Family Circle.  This is the second time that it has happened, and I have made my second call to request that they stop wasting paper and sending me 3 copies of the same magazine.  We'll see what happens next month.

I also received my sample from 3-step sample from Murad as well a sample of Christina Aguilera's Inspire fragrance.  And last but not least, I received a packet of baby goodies addressed to my husband.  Nothing really of value in there, except for maybe the Sears coupon and some Gerber coupons.  This is the 3rd identical pack that we've received in my husband's name.  Maybe they have some type of tracking device on these coupons and they know we're not using them so they keep sending more...?  Sorry, paranoia-self kicking in.  I'll beat her back now.

I will no longer be sharing freebies in my Mailbox of Goodies.  Instead freebies will be featured in a section of their own called "Freebie Frenzy".  That will come later, because right now my baby is peacefully sleeping and I need to run off to get some training in with my precious Chloe dog.  That "Freebie Frenzy" post is coming though, and I can't wait to design a new button and share some freebies with you all!

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