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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Friday Declutter Challenge: the digital version

I didn't declutter much of anything this week since I was so focused on developing (and decluttering) My Precious Pennies.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though, so hopefully sometime this weekend I will be able to upload the new design, complete with a couple of NEW features that I hope everyone will enjoy and be able to benefit from.

My other piece of decluttering is also digital - I finally got to work on my mess of a start menu.  I took a screenshot before I started, but for some reason it refused to save, so I only have the "after" shot for you.  When I started I had 2 columns of programs though, and right now my one column is even shorter than the entire start menu bar.

I didn't actually uninstall anything, I just reorganized all the little shortcuts and buttons.  I have never read a help file in my entire life, so I seriously don't need a shortcut to that.  I also took a lot of shortcut icons out of their folders, and placed them in more general-category folders. 

Every once in a while I have to go through and declutter my start menu, just because programs like to create their own little folder in there and it's just TOO MUCH.  I only need the shortcut to the program, not all the other crap that comes with it. 

I do a LOT of stuff on my computer, but I am a complete minimalist when it comes to icons and stuff.  I have NO icons on my desktop whatsoever, and I must say that I love the way my desktop looks:

The adorable pea in a pod has absolutely nothing to do with my love obsession with my desktop, honestly.  But seriously now, I just love how clean and brisk my desktop is.  It's relaxing, useful, and completely not cluttered.  I can't stand desktop icons. 

I rank my shortcuts by importance and usage level, and their ranking determines where they go.  Frequently used shortcuts go in my disappearing taskbar.  "Often" shortcuts go in my start menu, and "sometimes" shortcuts go at the top of the start menu list.  The stuff in the actual start menu I don't really use, or I have a different way of getting to.  The only reason they're in the start menu is 1) The computer won't let me remove it, and 2) I want a quick list of all the programs I have on my computer.

So I didn't exactly declutter something physical this week, but in the current digital age it's important to keep the computer free of clutter as well! 


Marcia said...

Electronic decluttering is my favourite kind :)

Marcia from Organising Queen

HDMac said...

Hey! Decluttering is decluttering! You did a great job! I do love your desktop .... looks great and that pic is so cute! :)

forgetfulone said...

I love to declutter my digital things. That's great! In fact, you reminded me that it's about time I declutter my email again. It tends to build up when I get lazy. LOVE the pea pod!

Me said...

The pea pod is cute. My son reinstalled windows on this computer to get rid of all the games, etc. he moved over to his laptop. He reinstalled all of my junk and none of his, so I guess I'll have to work on that.

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