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Thursday, October 9, 2008


I love CVS, but I never really thought of shopping online at today.  I received an email promoting a 25% OFF Online Only Items promotion - there's no coupon codes to mess with since the discount is applied automatically in the shopping cart.  Normally I would delete messages like this because shopping at CVS Online really doesn't interest me - I can't use coupons and I doubt my printer will start spitting out ECBs.  However, a product in their picture caught my eye.

That would be the box of Cosequin near the middle.  For those of you who don't know, Cosequin is a supplement for animals that helps out with their joints and cartilage.  Chip was born with luxating patellas, and he's actually had surgery to correct that in his right knee.  He takes half a tablet of Cosequin everyday to help his knees.

Cosequin is pretty expensive.  It sells for about $0.40 - $0.50 a pill, and come in bottles of 40, 100, 120, 250, and up.  We don't have to buy them very often since he only takes half a pill a day, but when I have to restock I always buy the 250ct. for $70-something.  It's a huge expense every couple of months, but it's a necessity for Chip so we make it work.  I always buy the huge bottles because the bigger the bottles, the cheaper it gets. 

That is, until I found is selling a 100ct bottle of Cosequin for $39.99.  After the 25% promotion, it comes out to $29.99.  That's only $0.29 a pill.  In order to get the same price per pill, I would have to buy a 250 ct. bottle for $74.95.

And it gets even better.  Apparently, I can use my ECBs online!  Considering I always make a profit from my ECBs, if I use them to buy the Cosequin it would be like paying nothing at all.  Granted, I would have to use nearly my entire batch of ECBs to pay for it, but I would rather do that and gradually grow them back instead of paying money OOP.

I plan to complete this transaction tomorrow after I give CVS a call - something's going on with their website where they won't let me log in or type in my ECBs.  I don't care if I have to mail them my ECBs - I'm going to do all that I can to get my Cosequin!

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Leah W said...

good for you, that is pretty cool :)

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