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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tipster Tuesday: take advantage of money already spent!

I'm participating in BeCentsAble's Tipster Tuesday, and hopefully the tips don't have to be related to meat, because this one isn't. My tip for this Monday-disguised-as-a-Tuesday is to use what you have. I'm talking about using things that you have already paid for instead of spending more OOP to buy something else.

Here's an example if I've already confused you. You need to use 90 cents of postage, and you have a book of 42 cents stamps. Instead of going to the post office and spending 90 cents, stick two 42 cents stamps on it, and then buy 6 cents in penny stamps. You had to go to the post office anyway to buy the 90 cents of postage. The reasoning behind this is you've already shelled out the money to buy that book of stamps, so instead of shelling out more money, just use what you already have, even if it doesn't fit perfectly!

The same goes for your kitchen and dinner ingredients. If your recipe calls for Parmesan cheese but all you have is mozzarella...use that mozzarella instead of buying Parmesan! You already paid the money for the mozzarella, so you might as well use it instead of saving it for dinner another day. I do this all the time and substitute ingredients with things that I already have lying around. If I need the mozzarella next week, well...I'll buy it next week instead of having it clog up the space in my fridge and having to spend more OOP right now.

True, the substitution might not be the "best", but you have already spent money on it so you might as well use it up. Saving money is also about spending wisely, and it's definately wise to make do with what you've already spent instead of pulling out more cash from your wallet. It might seem to be only a couple of pennies in difference, but pennies add up to dollars, and dollars can end up earning you money in saving accounts and investments.

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