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Friday, September 5, 2008

$5/$25 Babies R Us thru Sunday

Babies R Us is really rolling out those $5/$25 if only CVS will follow suit. Anyway, there's a new sheet of coupons for Babies R Us, including that staple of $5/$25. There are also coupons for the following:
  • Save $10 on North States Easy Open & Lock Gate
  • Save an extra 30% on already reduced bedding & room decor
  • 2/$6 every Gerber clear view 3-pk bottle (must buy 2 for offer)
    And I got some of the exact same ones from the NEX Labor Day sale for $1.
  • 2/$8 Especially For Baby disposable diaper pail bags (must buy 2 for offer)
  • Save $5/$25
  • Save 20% on entire stock of Babi Italia & Issi Nursery furniture.
The last couple of times the $5/$25 came out I said that I would be going to buy an entertainment center for the little princess. Problem is that the two that we are considering both cost $89.99. We're considering either the BrightStarts Around We Go! or the Baby Sit & Step 2-in-1 activity center. We would be able to continue using both of them once she starts walking, so this toy should last us at least a good year and a half. I've been hinting like crazy on our family blog that the baby would -really- enjoy it and Mommy would really enjoy the sanity she would get as a result of an entertained baby, but I'm not putting much hopes that we'll see it under the tree. That, and I don't think my sanity will hold out for another 3 months.

Unfortunately, the $5 coupon just doesn't do enough damage on a $90 product. My only hope is to either wait for a 10% off coupon, or maybe order one of those 15% off any item coupons, and then earn enough money on Inbox Dollars to pay for it, because we just don't have it in our budget to be spending $80 on a baby toy.

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