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Monday, September 8, 2008

$180 Petsmart savings booklet

This Friday thru Sunday (9/12 - 9/14), Petsmart is having their 2008 Annual Fall Adoption Event. You can get a FREE "Welcome to Pet Parenthood" Guide with $180 in dog savings or $120 in cat savings by either adopting a pet or "by simply going into the store". It does not say adoption required anywhere, so if you've got enough willpower to walk by all those puppies and kittens without taking one home, get into your local Petsmart this weekend for $180 in coupons!

When I adopted Chip from a Petsmart adoption event 2 years ago, I got a similar book that contained Petsmart store coupons. This will take some checking into, but if Petsmart has a coupon policy like other stores you should be able to stack the Petsmart coupon with a manufacturer's coupon for some major savings. This is unconfirmed, so don't take my word for it quite yet until I can make further inquiries, but either way $180 in coupons is a pretty sweet deal.

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