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Friday, August 22, 2008

Shutterfly photobook deal

This is a photobook that I ordered from Shutterfly back in June for the first month of my daughter's life. It was an utter delight to design, and the quality of it was jaw-dropping. It came in a very nice giftbox, and we ended up ordering 3 of them. One for me to keep, one for our two great-grandmas. This was another free photobook offer that I had, but we had to pay shipping. We had so many discounts that we ended up paying around $15 for 3 photobooks INCLUDING shipping. That's still not a shabby deal, but there's an even better deal out right now.

Shutterfly is currently having a promotion for free shipping, 100 free prints, and $15 off when you order a photobook from now until August 27th. If you won the free photobook from Quaker Life, this could prove to be a sweet deal. You would get the photobook and shipping free from the contest, but you would also get 100 free prints out of it for your trouble.

Here are a couple of other discount codes to make Shutterfly an awesome deal:
  • $15/$50+, $10/$40-$49.99, or $5/$30-$39.99 (expires 8/27/08): code 53SUMMER
I plan to be making another one of my daughter this week, so I will be sure to share what my total savings are. From my experience, Shutterfly will let you stack certain discount codes, so this has the potential to be the motherload of all my photo-related savings.

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