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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies 7 days a week!

Last week I signed up for Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday home delivery of the Chicago Tribune for $0.50 a week, and today I got my first Sunday edition with my P&G Saver inside. As I was clipping my Covergirl B1G1 coupon to use at CVS this afternoon, I realized something. I now get a mailbox of goodies 7 days a week!!! Monday thru Saturday I get goodies via my awesome postman, and on Sunday I get them from the newspaper! You have no idea just how much this excites me.

It's my husband's fault that I got into my obsessive-compulsive habit of waiting for the mail. I used to wait for the mail to bring his letters whenever he was away, but now that he's home, that obsessive-compulsive habit has turned into waiting for my freebies. Mail time is seriously one of the highlights of my day.

And here are some new freebie additions to my list on the right that will sure make mail delivery one of the highlights of your day too:
Don't forget to enter the first giveaway for a chance o receive $100 in coupons and a special personalized surprise in your mailbox! The deadline has been extended until 9/2/08 at 6pm CST. Enter now!

I love my freebies and my mail delivery so much I'm seriously considering slapping on a Starbucks giftcard on my mailbox at Christmas for the mailman...

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